I’m Adrienne


Specializing In:

  • Primary addiction/secondary mental health
  • Primary mental health/secondary addiction
  • People with multiple admissions to treatment
  • Hard cases others won’t touch

You Are Not Alone

“Our professional staff embraces the whole person by providing a cutting-edge, multi- disciplined recovery plan.”

Protect Your Investment

Build on the Strength of Treatment

Repair Relationships

Reintegration into Society

Achieve Life Goals

Make a plan for Greatness

Living the Program

Practicing the pillars in Daily Life

Our Process

Low tech high touch

Family professional zoom call

Weekly accountability calls

Monthly zoom with everyone

UA compliance through local labs

A Complete Care Experience

Non-Clinical Case Management

Our role of a non-clinical addict is to help individuals with addiction overcome barriers to recovery, improve their quality of life, and achieve their treatment goals. They provide support, advocacy, and education to help individuals navigate the healthcare system and access the resources they need to achieve long-term recovery.

A Supportive Community

Recovery Comes Home provides accountability, encouragement, and a sense of connection and belonging. Also, a supportive community can provide learning opportunities, reduced stress, and continued support through the ups and downs of the recovery journey.

Family Reconciliation

At our core we are a Family First organization. We truly believe that both the client and their families have some work to do so that they can heal together. Often the relationship can be volatile in the beginning. We work with both parties to make family reunificationi a top priority.

Word On the Street

“Not only did I change and save my life I met wonderful people that will now be in my life forever. I am truly blessed to have been able to meet the owners Jim and Adrienne. I forever am Grateful for all they do.”

Casey V

Business Woman

“RCH gave me more than stability, it showed me a purpose to live a life without substances and put life skills into work. They will not let you fail if you’re willing to put in some work and show accountability. Before this my life was unmanageable but they showed me a new way of life..”

Kris T


“Jim and Adrienne Tichy provide a wonderful sober living environment for anyone in need of a clean, safe, and structured atmosphere. Although it may seem a bit authoritarian by some, it is necessary to find a new way to live.”

Rich H.